Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Ask your MP to join those backing our EDM

The Government is currently undertaking a Strategic Defence and Security Review to set priorities for defence spending. Trident replacement is not being included, but more than 70 MPs have signed EDM 73 urging the Government to ensure that Trident is considered at this stage.
We expect MPs to vote on Trident replacement in 2016. It is vital that as many MPs as possible join our call for the SDSR to include a review of Trident so that the changing international security situation and ongoing cuts across government departments can be considered.
Please join the hundreds of people who have already contacted their MP and ask yours to sign EDM 73 by clicking  http://act.cnduk.org/lobby/edm73

Labour Leadership electionjeremy-300x223

After securing 35 nominations and a place on the Labour leadership ballot paper, CND Vice-Chair Jeremy Corbyn MP has been taking his anti-Trident stance to hustings events around the country. The BBC reportof the first event in Stevenage reported that Jeremy “received some of the warmest responses from the audience as he spelled out his "moral" opposition to renewing Trident”.
A number of trade unions are also backing Jeremy’s campaign including UNITE, ASLEF, BFAWU, FBU and the RMT.
As Jeremy is the only candidate opposed to Trident replacement, Labour CND is asking you to consider becoming a Registered Supporter of the Labour Party so that you can vote for him. If you are a member of an affiliated trade union this is free, otherwise it will cost £3. The closing date for registering is August 12 and full details are available on the Labour CND website.
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