Monday, 7 March 2016

Demo For Democracy: Demand a Fairer Voting System on May 7th!

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Demo For Democracy: Demand a Fairer Voting System on May 7th!

Owen Winter
Tredrizzick, United Kingdom
7 Mar 2016 — It is almost a year since the 2015 general election - the most disproportionate in British history! On the anniversary of the election, May 7th 2016, we are organising a demonstration in Westminster to demand a fairer voting system.

We want to call on politicians to ditch our broken First Past the Post system and replace it with one which is fairer and proportional. We want thousands of ordinary people to join us and make this the loudest call for reform ever, one that the government won’t be able to ignore!

You can sign up to join the event on Facebook here:

Or on here:

Please share and invite your friends, we want this to be massive!

Already, Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party, and Diane James MEP, UKIP Spokesperson on Home Affairs, are confirmed as speakers with many more high profile figures lined up.

To run the event as efficiently as possible, we will need to have activists and volunteers to help us out. Please, please, please if you can spare some time contact us at with a brief outline of why and how you might be able to help out.

I can tell this event it going to be absolutely massive, if we want it to succeed we will need as many people attending and helping out as possible, please take a look!

I will post further details and speakers over the next few weeks,

Thank you for your support!


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