Sunday, 22 January 2017

Cambridge Climate Lecture Series

acknowledgements to Paul Sousek
Cambridge Climate Lecture Series (CCLS) launches next month. The aim of CCLS is to massively increase the debate about climate change, especially amongst younger people. Some key features of the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series are:
• Cambridge-based but live-streamed to a (potentially) global audience
• Use of social media to enable audiences to interact in real time
We have some exciting free talks lined up:
23 February 2017: Bryony Worthington,
"Climate Change - a Race Between Physics and Politics"
2 March 2017: Anthony Hobley,
"2°C Roadmap based on Financial Analysis"
9 March 2017 Kevin Anderson,
"Paris, Climate and Surrealism"
Additionally, on 16th March we will be hosting a panel discussion as part of the Cambridge Science Festival entitled
“From COP21 to Zero Global Emissions”.
Further information is available,
on our website,
on Facebook,
on Twitter,
If you can help publicise CCLS through any contacts you have, that would be very much appreciated.
I hope some of you will follow the lecture live-streams and we encourage questions and comments on social media #CCLS17.

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